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Liero -
Liero is a fast action 2d and 2 player game. You play the role of a worm in real time. You can play with your computer or a friend, there is no network play.
Click here for more information about Liero.

Programs -
Here you will find many usefull programs enhance liero game play!

Levels -
Get the best levels ever created! Previews are now here!

Graphic Mods -
Sick of the old liero graphics? Get some new ones!

Font Mods -
Change the way you read liero!

Sound Mods -
Get some cool sounds to enhance your liero game play!

Weapon Mods -
Get some cool new weapons to kill your opponent!

Palettes -
Change the colors of liero! Have some fun!

Total Conversions -
Sick of liero? Download some liero conversions! Same game new concept!

Other Stuff -
Find icons, cursors and many more things here!

Reamember that all the files in Liero War Zone are in .zip format. You will need WinZip to decompress the files. You can get WinZip at