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Liero is a 2-dimensional deathmatch game. The object of the game is to kill the other worm. The aspect reminds VERY much of the game Worms, but the main difference is that Liero is realtime, unlike Worms which goes at turns. There are four game styles: Kill 'em all which is pretty much fun; Kill the other worm! Game of Tag, where you kill eachother in order to get the other to be 'it' in a special amount of time, Capture the Flag where you kill the other in order to get the right to collect an amount of Flags, and Simple Capture the Flag which is very much alike Capture the Flag except here both worms can collect flags at any time. You can choose five weapons from forty different weapons.

It is as DOS game so the graphics are not too good. Yet they are good enough. The resolution is 320 x 200 and can't be changed. It is still a fun game.

There is no network or internet play, but the sequel Liero 2 (actually there are several Liero 2s in production) will most likely have it. When it will come out is unknown.