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Powerlevel Farm -
This is the best Powerlevel I have seen so far. It is fun to play and looks really nice. By Renton Ziegler. (40kb)

Meander -
A good level. Both hard to get used to but fun to play! By Biernath John. (27kb)

Cow -
I got a big kick out of this one! You can travel through the cow. I learned things I have never new befor with this level! By Ulvhockey. (41kb)

Amplify -
This is sorta like a maze very fun thought and the graphics look really nice too. By DK. (24kb)

Gaper -
A very fun level! I had a lot of fun playing this one! By DK. (32kb)

Nuketest -
Lots of nukes very fun! By Darius. (53kb)

Controseries -
This is a very good level and there is a weapon mod for it! By Justin Oblak. (29kb)

D-Day -
Very cool map he put alot of hard work into it! By Christian Olsen. (59kb)

Tomb -
This is like a tunnle level with more space at the top. Very fun to play. By AxEL. (60kb)

Battleground -
This is a cool level. Good for bombing the player below. By AxEL. (53kb)

Joes 2 -
Cool level. It is fun to distroy the laundry and to go into the suwer. By Marz Kingsman. (44kb)

Junglerock 2 -
A fun level with green dirt and weird rock. Not much to do but ninja rope to the top and bomb the the ground when all the dirt is gone. By Pita Magic. (18kb)

Powerlevel Fallout -
A fun level to play in and the falling nukes are animated. By Abyssal Squid. (38kb)

All out War -
This is a pretty good level could graphics arn't very good but very fun to play. By Smallandthin (30kb)

All out War2 -
This is a little diffrent than the first but not much. By Smallandthin (34kb)

Only one Way -
Everything in this level points down and there is a maze at the bottom. It is hard to get to the top but when you are Spikeball time! By Smallandthin. (44kb)

Forest -
This is a good level you are in a forrest with lots of trees. By Viljo Rautio. (37kb)

Hitler -
I love this level! You get to fight in and arround his grave so he can't rest in peace! By Viljo Rautio. (49kb)

Stalin -
This is just like the level Hitler but you are it is Stalin. By Viljo Rautio. (42kb)

Mt. Kewl -
This is a cool level and very fun. The middle of the mountian is a maze. By Blade. (31kb)

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