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Skull -
This is a very well done level. You are fighting on someones head. If you are mad at someone pretend it is there head and blow it to nothing! By Viljo Rautio. (37kb)

Hide and go seek -
This is another maze level very hard to get arround in but fun to play. There is some space to fight in the middle. By Smallandthin. (38kb)

The Maze -
This hole level is a maze very hard to play. By Smallandthin. (36kb)

Shayss -
This is a good level with some good textures. By Biernath John. (26kb)

2x Kross -
This is a cool level with alot of space to do stuff in. By Biernath John. (23kb)

Pokolenia -
This is a very fun level with alot of space to jump around in. By Biernath John. (12kb)

Deathruw -
This is a fun level with some bloody rocks in the middle. By Biernath John. (35kb)

BJ 4 Wilq -
This is one of my favoites levels. There are some good places to hide. All the places were the dirt is can only be accesed from the bottom. By Biernath John. (27kb)

Bloody -
Ooo bloody! This is a fun level with good graphics. It has a monster in the middle of the level. By Greybrow. (38kb)

Quake 2 -
Just a simple level with quake2 graphics. By Biernath John. (28kb)

Fallout 2 -
This is a pretty fun level with alot of space to move around to some big stone type thing that are good for high jumps. By Biernath John. (19kb)

Likwidator -
A fun level with little tunnels that are good to hide in. By Biernath John. (36kb)

Izbla -
A fun level with lots of space and some picture of a women. By Biernath John. (26kb)

Unite -
Fun tp play in with alot of dirt to hide in. By Biernath John. (12kb)

Arena 711 -
A cool level with some small tonnles at the bottom to hide in. By Biernath John. (33kb)

Worm House -
This level is made with just dirt and there are no rocks. By 720 Japan Air. (48kb)

Mars -
This levels has some very good graphics but not very fun to play in. By Viljo Rautio. (16kb)

Viipuri3 -
This is a really good level with very good graphics. By Viljo Rautio. (9kb)

Castle -
A level with a Castle in it. Not very fun. By OOcheese2000. (18kb)

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