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Liero War Zone
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Urban Assault -
This is very fun TC. Very hard to used to but fun. By Weili Jiang. (388kb)

LieroMark2 v1.30 -
This is still has some problems to be worked out but it is still fun. By Patryk Zawadzki. (5kb)

Chicken Liero -
This is a very weird but good TC. Made by 720 Japan Air. (396kb)

Wacky Wurms -
This is very fun. It is very wacky. By Justin Oblak. (223kb)

Ghost Busters -
Very well made with some very original weapons. By YH. (923kb)

CovertOps -
This is very fun. Has alot of powerful weapons. By Fudge Puppy Un-Ltd. (377kb)

Liero Pro Mode Final -
Everything was made to go faster. And it runs better too. By Biernath John. (434kb)

Tank Wars -
Very well made and fun to play. With some very cool weapons. By Gabriel Ong. (490kb)

Tank Wars2 -
Very well made and fun to play. With some very cool weapons. It has the nuke palette too. By Gabriel Ong. (468kb)

Liero Submarines -
Very well made with some very cool weapons. You are a submarine insted of a worm. By YH. (671kb)

Liero Demolitions -
Very good converstion. Very fun to play and all 40 weapons have been changed! By Neuralize. (476kb)

Ninja Liero -
Very fun to play. The really cool part is it has a mission. By Rammstein. (395kb)

Rainbow Six -
Very fun to play. Has good sound and weapons. By Yue-hin Loke. (324kb)

Water -
This is really cool! Takes place under water with some really cool waepons. By Henrik Sigstad. (615kb)

Very fun and well made. Does not come with the liero.exe or the sound so have them handy. By Jon Ruiz. (33kb)

Dragon Ball Z -
A really cool converstion that come from one of the best cartoons ever made! By Jelly King. (734kb)

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