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Freeware v1.33

Copyright (C) Mets„nEl„imet 1998, 1999

An earthworm simulation game based on a real physical model.

English documentation is now available!!



Liero is freeware. What that means is that you don't have to pay
for it and using it has not been restricted in any way. You may
distribute it to anyone and anyhow WITHOUT ANY CHANGES MADE TO IT'S

The source code of this game is not distributed freely (neither
commercially). So if you thought that maybe you could... forget it.

Liero is a wormgame with weapons for 2 players. The object of the
game is definately what you think it is. Liero is excellent for
taking out aggression and kicking buddies' butts without any real
physical violence or just for having fun.



VGA video card + monitor
560kB free conventional memory

486 or better
VGA video card + monitor
560kB free conventional memory
Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card
760kB free XMS memory for sound effects



To install Liero, extract LIERO???.ZIP into a directory of its own.
When you're reading this, it has probably already been done...
If you replace the files with newer ones, you should remove the old
LIERO.DAT, because it's not necessarily compatible with the newer

This is the list of the files that should be found after installation:
LIERO.EXE The Game itself
KEYSETUP.EXE The key set-up program
LEVEDIT.EXE The level editor
LIERO.CHR The graphics
LIERO.SND The sound effects
NAMES.DAT The list of names for the worms
LIERO.TXT The documentation file in Finnish
FILE_ID.DIZ A description for Bulletin Board Systems

As you start playing the game, the following files are created:
LIERO.DAT Game settings
*.DAT Settings file(s) saved by you
LIERO.OPT The settings that are loaded while starting
the game

Whenever you quit the game, the name of the .DAT file in use
is saved to the file LIERO.OPT without the .DAT-definition. Liero
uses the settings in this file the next time you run it.
If LIERO.OPT is missing or blank, the game uses LIERO.DAT for
settings. If it's missing too, the default settings are used.

To start the game move to the directory containing the files of
Liero and type LIERO. You can also tune up the game with the
following switches (type these after "LIERO"):

+ Makes the game run faster (recommended on slower
/Sn Frameskip, where n is a number 1..5
/1Jack Sets player 1's name to Jack
/2Jill Sets player 2's name to Jill
/Bxx AMOUNT OF BLOOD, xx% of the default amount
/Lname LEVELNAME, without the .LEV definition
/Txx LOADING TIMES, xx% of the default times
/N No sound
/R1 Player 1 is a CPU-worm
/R2 " " " " "
/Oname Uses the file NAME.DAT for settings

An example:
liero /s2 /n /lliero /oyourown

The example sets frameskip to 2, sets the SFX off, uses
the level LIERO.LEV and the settings in YOUROWN.DAT.

NAMES.DAT contains a pile of names, from which the names of the worms
are randomly chosen if the worm hasn't been individually named or
the name field has been left blank.



If you want to uninstall Liero, just delete the directory containing
the files of Liero. Make sure there aren't any important files not
having anything to do with the game in the directory.



Also remember to read the HINTS and GAME TYPES sections.

Before you start playing the worms have to be equipped with the
weapons you want. There are 40 weapons in total and you can take 5
of them with you on the battlefield. When you've chosen your weapons
choose "DONE!" with the "FIRE" button. If you want fully random
equipment, choose on "Randomize" with "FIRE".

You can choose the availability of the weapons from OPTIONS/WEAPON
OPTIONS in the main menu.
There are three options to choose from:
- Menu: the weapon can be chosen in the beginning of the game
- Bonuses: the weapon can only be found in bonus-crates
- Banned: the weapon is not in available

Action Player 1 Player 2 Controllable weapons
Move left D Left arrow Turn anticlockwise
Move right G Right arrow Turn clockwise
Aim up R Up arrow Increase speed
Aim down F Down arrow -
FIRE left Ctrl right Ctrl -
Change weapon left Shift right Alt -
Jump left Alt right Shift -

These are the default keys. You can set your own keys up in the

While holding the "Change weapon" button down, you can change weapons
with the "Move left" and "Move right" keys.

The ninja rope is thrown by pressing "Change weapon" + "Jump".
If you hold "Change weapon" button down, you can adjust the length
of the rope by "Aim up" and "Aim down" keys. The worm releases
the rope when you press "Jump".

You can dig by holding e.g. the "Move left" key down and rapidly
pressing the "Move right" key. In this case the worm digs left to
the direction of the crosshair.

F12 saves a screen capture into a 320x200 and 256 color PCX file
with the name "SCREENx.PCX", where x is a number. The compression
algorithm hasn't been optimized a bit, so that it is suprisingly slow
even on 486 machines.

Other stuff
There are two kinds of objects appearing on the battlefield during
- wooden crates which contain a weapon replacing the current weapon
in use
- first aid kits which increase health by 10-50% of the maximum level
If you have a bad luck, the crates may also explode causing damage.


Kill'em All
Kill or get killed..!!

Game of Tag
The one who gets killed first becomes "it". Both players have in
addition to the kills and lives meters a timer which shows the
time spent as "it". The player whose time is running is "it".
Everytime you die, you become "it", so try to stay alive... When the
numbers are green you're winning (you've been less time as "it");
when they're red you're losing.

Capture the Flag
The game goes like this:
The one who kills the other player first may begin collecting
flags. As "the collector" you have to take as many flags as you can
to your "home base", a little cabin painted with the colour of your
worm located somewhere on the level. When the collector gets killed
the other worm becomes the new collector. If you're carrying a flag
when you die, the flag drops off.

Simple CtF
A simple game idea:
Steal the other worms' flags and and try to avoid being robbed!!
Apart from "Capture the Flag", in this mode both worms may collect
flags at the same time.



You should learn to dig and use the rope well, these skills are very
useful. E.g. if you get stuck, you can dig yourself out. The
easiest way to dig is to hold the other "Move" button (the one which
points to the way you want to dig to) down and rapidly press the
the other one. The rope is very handy when you want to escape quickly
or just move from a place to another. Also note that the rope also
sticks on the worms (pull your friends to you and shoot them
with a minigun perhaps, hehheh, they're dead meat...).

About the weapons:
When you use weapons that use bouncy ammo (Zimm, Bouncy mine, Bouncy
larpa) it's worthwhile moving after you've fired. The shots of these
weapons tend to return to the place they were fired from.

If you want random weapons without even seeing what you get, hold
the "FIRE" key down on "Randomize". Then just press the "Up" button.

The tempo of the game can be changed by adjusting the LOADING TIMES,
e.g. 20% turns the game into pure raging. You can also set
LOAD+CHANGE ON from the OPTIONS MENU if you want to change weapons
while reloading.

If you want to fine tune you aiming, e.g. get a missile or a bullet
go through a small tunnel, the crosshair moves way too fast. Hold
"Up" and "Down" keys down at the same time, pressing the direction
you want to move the crosshair to _a little_ bit more than the other
key. Try it and you'll get it.

It's worthwhile saving different kinds of settings you use to
different files, they can be easily restored this way.



When I try to run the game, the text "Runtime error 203 at 0000:xxxx" appears
on the screen. What's the problem?

You don't have enough free conventional memory. Try to free some
memory by loading drivers to the upper memory block or removing
unnecessary drivers. You can ask for details if you have problems.

Why is Liero so SLOW?

You've got a slow machine. Try the following:
- Run the game with "liero /s2". The higher the number, the faster
the game runs.
- Decrease the AMOUNT OF BLOOD
- Set the sounds OFF by running the game with "liero /n"
- Get yourself a faster machine

More troubleshooting coming soon...



ATTENTION!! The levels created with Levedit 0.2 are not compatible
with the versions 1.30+ of Liero, and need to be "compiled"
with Levedit 0.22. Open the level file and re-save it. Similarly
the levels created with Levedit 0.22 don't work in versions older
than 1.30.

Levedit 0.22 is still a very restricted. You can only use it for
placing rocks and empty space, but it can make variety to the
randomly generated basic levels. So the editor still needs some more
work, but maybe this one is good enough for starters.

The level editor starts by typing LEVEDIT in the directory that
contains the files of Liero. When you've started the editor, you can
choose a tool (empty space/stone) from the upper-left corner of
the screen. Drawing the level can be done by clicking the left mouse
button. The right mouse button changes the type of stone.

The key commands of the editor:
ALT-L Load a level
ALT-S Save the level
ALT-C Clear the level
ESC Exit the editor

Please describe us a good level editor!!



If a new version is released, it's always found in the MBnet-BBS and
MBweb (
On the main level of MBnet type "sis 7" and press Enter. Press Enter
again and type "ets liero a" (Enter) and all the files having
something to do with the word "liero" are shown. Liero should be
found on the list.

The official Liero homepage still under construction and isn't going
to be finished in a loooong time... Maybe there are some unofficial
Liero-sites already, though.



This history does not contain versions older than 1.0.

* change
+ addition
- fixed bug
! other stuff

Version 1.33
* Ninja rope is traditional again!

Version 1.32
+ A documentation in English!!
* Some progress with the CPU-player!! It acts very routinely, but
is still much better than random :)
* Duds have been removed (too buggy)
* Ninja rope:
* Swinging is easier
* Limited lenght

Version 1.31
* Ninja rope is now more realistic!!
* Gauss gun has been modified a bit
* Dart has been modified
* Moving backwards has been removed
* The CPU-player is now _a bit_ more intelligent... it's not very
smart, but better than the random-CPU. It doesn't care about the
game type.
- The names weren't saved; fixed
- A couple of other bugs have been killed

Version 1.30
+ Gauss Gun
+ Duds: grenades etc. that don't explode
* A new kind of ninja rope: it's thrown in the old fashioned way,
but the lenght can be adjusted
* LIEROLOW.EXE has been removed... LIERO.EXE no longer required too
much memory
- The SHADOWS ON/OFF-bugs have been fixed
- Laser has been modified

Version 1.29
* More realistic physics: the velocity of the worm is added to the
velocity of the projectile.
* The worm backs up if you move backwards while shooting
* Dart is now faster to reload
+ Booby trap has the name of the weapon it "contains" on it... this
is what you've been waiting for
+ A new weapon: RB Rampage (Rubber Bullet)
* LevEdit no longer has restrictions. The levels created with
earlier versions of LevEdit (<0.21) have to be "compiled" by
re-opening and saving. The new file format uses loads more drive
space, but makes it easier to expand in the future.

Version 1.28
! The memory requirements had increased even though this file told
the game needs 550kB... the real amount was 580kB and rarely anyone
has that much conventional memory free. Now a smaller LIEROLOW.EXE
without SFX is packed with the game, it requires 550kB.

Version 1.27
- Bugfixes, bugfixes (when, oh when are 'em all eliminated..?)

Version 1.26
- The worm no longer generates outside the level limits... finally!!
- Small bugfixes

Version 1.25
* Mini rockets is now more accurate
* The worm no longer has to step on Booby trap, Mine etc., they
explode from a small distance
- Bugfixes, e.g. Dart

Version 1.24
+ A new weapon: Dart
+ A scrollbar has been added to the LEVEL and WEAPONS menus
* There can't be two weapons of the same kind chosen in the WEAPONS
menu except if there are less than five weapons to choose from
* Blaster has been fixed: no longer explodes when hitting a worm
* Grasshopper lasts longer
* Medikits now heal by 10-50%
* A modification to the CtF modes: now you have to take the flag to
your home base
* Changed the names of the game modes
* Randomizing the names has been changed a bit...
* The force used to throw objects (such as Grenade) is now
"adjustable". Read the HINTS section!!
- The former settings did not load for the next game session
- While loading the settings the colors of the worms weren't changed
* When quitting the game the settings are always automatically saved
with the name LIERO, NOT replacing the settings in use

Version 1.23
+ A possibility to save the game settings to a file you want!!
That means you can create new game types by adjusting the loading
times, the availability of weapons, health etc.
Packed with the Game comes an example configuration: TAGFLAG.
Try it!!

Version 1.22
- The health meter crashed if health was 10000%

Version 1.21
- No longer crashes in heavy use!! It has been tested: 2
random-CPU-worms, both with heavy weapons, loading times 0%,
99 bonuses, map on, amount of blood 500%, shadows on, health
10000%, 999 lives. And the game ran easily 5 hours with these
Unstability was caused by a very simple bug.

Version 1.20
* Missile turns slower (easier to control)
* The bullets of Rifle and Winchester are faster
* The laser sighting has been removed from Winchester
* More animation
+ LOAD+CHANGE-option. When this setting is ON, you can change weapons
while loading.
+ The WEAPONS menu:
+ You no longer have to choose the same weapons over and over again
+ Randomize, which randomizes the weapons
A hint: if you don't want to see the weapons you get, just press
"FIRE" and then "Up"!!
+ PLAYER OPTIONS, where you can choose your name, amount of health,
the color of your worm and the keys too: KEYSETUP is history
+ A new game type: Flag + Tag
+ Game of Tag: the losing time can now be chosen
+ Capture the Flag: the flags needed to win can now be chosen
+ The mines are now the same color as the terrain (harder to notice)
- The worm sometimes appeared outside the level (_rarely_)
- A huge pile of bugfixes

Version 1.19
+ Capture the Flag!!
+ Frameskip, makes the game run faster
* When you're killed, you can no longer appear next to the other
worm or to the place you were killed at
* Fixed the Missile controls
- Bugfixes...

Version 1.18
* The Missile controls have been fixed -> easier to direct
* You can now use other weapons while reloading!! You still have to
have the weapon chosen for reloading it.
* Larpa explodes when hitting a worm
* Radioactives have been removed (too efficient)
* The worm may also regenerate in the sand, creating a fitting hole
+ A new weapon: Grasshopper
+ You may now choose the availability of the weapons (Menu, Bonuses
* Game of Tag:
* The timer of "it" no longer runs while the other worm is dead
* A suicide makes you "it"
- The timer no longer crashes at 10 minutes
- Bazooka, Doomsday and Mini Rockets acted in a weird way when they
were blocked by Fan (didn't actually bother)
- The worm can no longer get stuck on stones!!

Version 1.17
! Loads of tuning/changes/additions (thanks for the feedback):
+ New weapons:
Booby trap = a fake crate or first aid kit
Radioactives = a bomb that spreads radioactive stuff
Mini rockets = not as efficient as Doomsday by faster to reload
* The weapons are now in alphabetical order
+ You can choose the color of your worm by yourself
+ More random names
* Heavier Flamer
* Throwable bombs (Grenade, Cluster and Chiquita) fly further away
* The fragments of Cluster bomb no longer generate smaller fragments
* The bullets of Rifle, Winchester and Handgun are faster
* CPU no longer spends time in the weapons menu
* You can no longer have two weapons of the same kind chosen in the
weapons menu
* Stronger gravity (the worms fall faster etc.)
* Ninja rope is (a bit) more efficient
* Code has been optimized
- For some reason the lasers disappeared in the previous
! LUEMINUT.EXE has been removed...

Version 1.16
- Bugfixes for the bugfixes in the previous version (!!)

Version 1.15
- Bugfixes (actually this version was unnecessary)

Version 1.14
- If you chose a random level, a new level wasn't generated if

Version 1.13
+ Chiquita bomb!!
- The missile bugs have been fixed
- Loads of other bugfixes

Version 1.12
* A huge code optimization: the game runs almost twice as fast as
before!! That means playable speed on 386- and 486-processors
* Missile is a bit slower (easier to control)
+ The random-CPU-worms are back (while waiting for decent
- Fixed some stuff in LIERO.TXT
- "xx made a suicide" and such messages disappeared in the previous
version (?!)
- KEYSETUP didn't save the keys is LIERO.DAT had been deleted
- Fixed a pile of other bugs

Version 1.11
* The worms no longer slide while moving and firing at the same time
* Auto Pistol -> Handgun, faster and a bit more efficient
* Replaced Missiles (too efficient) with Guided (!!) Missile.
* Better Dirtball
* MK Mode replaced with adjustable Amount of Blood (0-500%)
+ Realistic Laser!!
- /1 and /2 parameters fixed
- Keysetup didn't work on PII-machines

Version 1.10
! Increased testing
+ A new weapon: Uzi
* Changed the looks of the menus (more clear?)
* A new kind of more user-friendly weapons menu
* Bonuses sometimes appeared on top of each other
* Ninja rope didn't grap the other worm very tightly
- The worms always had the same names

Version 1.04
- Pentium II -bug fixed!! No more runtime error 200...
Lozzi replaced the buggy CRT unit of TP with one by himself and
the game started working.

Version 1.03
- A huge pile of bugfixes

Version 1.02
- Fixed the other player's crosshair and other small bugfixes

Version 1.01
- Fixed a few annoying bugs
* Checked and fixed the spelling of LIERO.TXT (there are still some
typos, though)

Version 1.0
+ The worms have been redrawn
* Smoother explosion animation
+ 5 new weapons: Cannon, Bouncy larpa, Missiles, Spikeballs and
+ LIERO.TXT completely rewritten
+ A level editor (very restricted)
+ A sound card is no longer required
* MK Mode is really Mortal Kombat!!
! Compact filesize
- Fixed the LOADING TIME (0%) bug
- Fixed the save bug of KEYSETUP



* coming true someday
- not necessarily coming true

* Bugfixes, report us if you find any and we'll try to fix 'em!!
* A user profile: color, keys, etc.
* Statistics
- 3-4 players, if not human players then CPU
- Support for joystick or gamepad
- Network game support? (e.g. 4 players on 2 PCs)
- Support for several more sound cards (e.g. GUS, WSS, PAS)
- Background music?
- A better AI for the CPU-players
- New graphics: different kinds of levels, more background stuff etc.
(this is going to come true after A LONG period of time)
* More weapons and new pieces of equipment? Suggestions please!!
* New bonuses
* A better level editor
*- Send some (rational) ideas



Make suggestions for Liero, report the bugs or just chat for fun...
If your suggestions come true and you don't want your name/alias to
be on the list below, remember to inform about it.


And if you want to report typos/grammar mistakes/false information
in this document in English or just send sum (fan)mail to
Mets„nEl„imet contact Onyx / ME

MBnet : Antti O H„m„l„inen
E-mail :
IRCnet : eternity- or eternity (darkonyx@*)

Anykind of feedback is welcome.


Thanks to everyone who has bothered to send feedback!!
The following list contains people that Mets„nEl„imet would
(especially) like to thank for ideas, bug reports et cetera.
The names are in alphabetical order by surname.

Kim Blomqvist
Stig-Arne Gr”nroos
Valtteri Haverinen
Markku Helve
Niko Huovilainen
Lauri "Hatu" Hosio
Eino Keskitalo
Panu Koponen
Tapio Laurinolli
Daniel Liljeqvist
Teemu T. Malkki
Antti Paajoki
Mikael Pajunen
Jari Palmu
Christian Prusskij
Tommi P„ivinen
Marko P„iv„niemi
Juse Rytk”nen
Henrik Sandberg
Pekka Sepp„nen
Tuomo Vesanmaa
Harri Ylinen


Attention!! Let us know if you feel like you should be thanked, also
tell the reason. If you're already on the list but you wouldn't
like to, removing your name can be arranged too.



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