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Playing tactics
Weapon tactics
Editing tactics

Playing tactics

  • Kill Kill Kill -
    First you put your loading times at 0% and you ban all non projectil weapons (dart, fan, laser, etc.). If you want you can put blood to 500% ;). You also might want to set you lives to 999 (this is as high as it can go). Now you and your friend (or A.I.) go kill eachother!!

  • Hide and go Seek -
    Put loading times to 100% and ban every weapon except Fan and Dart. Set you lives to 5 and see who can last longer (reamber to use the fan to push the dart away from you and you might want to get two fans and three darts).

  • Never know what hit ya -
    This time ban all the weapons but laser and chiquita bomb. Set loading times to 0% and lives to 999 (get three lasers and two chiquita bombs).

  • Sniper Wars -
    Ban all weapons but rifle, hand gun and laser. Make a map with alot of rocks and places to hide. Set loading times to 100% then lives to 10.

  • Pantball -
    Ban every thing but rifle and then put the game to capture the flag and set your life to 10. You decide on how many time you have to capture the flag to win.
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    Weapons tactics

  • Fan -
    Use the fan to push away bullets, mines and/or to push your self throught the hole a high speeds. The fan has many uses.

  • Missile -
    To stear the missiles use the same keys that you use to move you worm around. Up and Down.

  • Gauss Gun -
    Use the gauss gun to move you throught the level. Using it like a jetpack could make you lose health points so be carful when using it.

  • Laser -
    This is a weapon you always want to have! You can get players all the way across the map. It goes through dirt like a knife through cheese.

  • Float Mine -
    This is a very good weapon to have when you have alot of space and no dirt. Be sure to leave little gaps some places so you don't get stuck!

  • Good weapon groups -
    A) Super Shotgun, Laser, Chiquta Bomb, Spike Balls, Missle
    B) Gauss Gun, Laser, Mini Nuke, Spike Balls, Dooms Day
    C) Rifle, Laser, Nuke, Mine, Float Mine

    Editing tactics

  • Before you start downloading anything you need to make sure you have Liero, Liero kit and Worm Hole downloaded. If not get them both here. You will also need some kind of paint program, most GUI come with one.

  • With these programs you can now start editing Liero and all of it's contents! Before you start editing liero too much get a feel for it first. Don't start making advanced stuff before you learn, start off easy then work your way up the ladder.

  • My suggestion to you is to start making levels with Worm Hole before you do anything else. Levels are very easy to make and does not require much traning to do. But remember start off with the basics then get to the more advanced level making.

  • Once you feel that you are ready to move on start working on graphic mods using Liero kit. You can edit just the worm graphics or the whole thing but my suggestion to you is just the worm, then move on to the weapons and explosion graphics.

  • Now we can move on to creating your own weapons using Liero Kit. Making weapons is not easy because there are many steps required to do so. There are many weapons you can create for example: jetpack, slimer, remote mine, throwing knife. The more advanced weapons require you to edit the graphic mod to make the weapon look correct.

  • Lets add sounds using Liero Kit. Sounds are rather easy to do but the hard part is adding them to the right place. For example you want to add a new Level start sound but you put it in the worm death2 spot the sounds will not be play correct.

  • By putting all this togeather you can create a liero TC. With original levels, graphics, weapons, sounds and concept.

  • Reamember that all your creations are welcome so send them in! Make sure they are original and have your name!